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Exploring your Choices and
shaping your own Future.
Authentic & impactful.

This is what I support you with as your Career & Life Coach.

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Shaping your own Future

You are a driven international professional or manager, have achieved quite a bit already, but are now asking yourself: What is my path? What do I really want?

  • You are actually quite satisfied with the direction you have taken so far, but somehow it doesn’t feel right anymore?

  • To date, you've used upcoming (development) opportunities, having arrived where you are now rather coincidentally?

  • You are exactly where you should be on your way towards your goal, but reality looks different than expected

  • You are facing an important decision, your thoughts are going around in circles and the pressure is increasing?

  • You know what you are aiming for, but lack a clear path towards achieving your goal

  • Are you wondering what your individual strengths are and how they can help you leverage your full potential?


In Career & Life Coaching, I support you with selected methods, tools and questions to see your situation with different eyes, gain clarity and develop new perspectives. That is, I create the process while you remain the expert on your subject. By doing so we jointly develop solutions that cater for your personal and professional needs.

Stop wasting your precious time, energy and potential.


You have the capability to shape your own future – authentic and impactful – if you are bent on discovering, nurturing and unleashing your leader within. I’d be happy to support you as your coach throughout this exciting journey.


Your Investment

Initial Consultation

30 Min.   free of cost

Coaching Session

60 Min.   169€*

Coaching in a professional context is tax-deductible. Sessions also Saturdays without a price premium.

*Self-payers only. Your employer bears the expense of your coaching? Here you’ll find my corporate offer!

incl. 19% VAT (142€ net)

Would you like to plan more time for yourself and your concern and save some money at the same time? Then the following packages could be an option for you. These first two packages give you an impression of how much time and budget you would have to invest and what the respective coaching sessions could be about. When designing and planning your process and the period of time, we are very flexible and coordinate this individually together.

4 Weeks "Kick-Starter"

to set off  & and take Action

Choose the Package

Individual sessions with e.g.:

  • Demand Analysis

  • Pre-Coaching Value Analysis

  • 60 Min. Coaching "My Wishes & Goals“

  • 60 Min. Coaching "Working on inner Blockades“

  • 60 Min. Coaching "My next Steps“

Incl. all pre- and post processing of the Coach.

Sessions also on Saturdays without a price premium.

Your Investment: 499€ incl. 19% VAT

(419€ net)

Saving 5%! 

Coaching in a professional context is tax deductible.

3 Months "Shaping my Future" 

for more Clarity & your individual Action Plan

Choose the Package 

Individual sessions with e.g.:

  • 20 Min. Strategy Talk

  • Pre-Coaching Value Analysis

  • 90 Min. Coaching "Me, my Wishes & Goals“

  • 90 Min. Coaching "My Strengths Profile"

  • 90 Min. Coaching "Working on inner Blockades“

  • 60 Min. Coaching "My Path – Plan of Action“

  • 30 Min. indivudual Coaching by Phone or Skype

  • 60 Min. Transfer Coaching

  • Motivational or Question related Support via Mail

Incl. all pre- and post processing of the Coach.

Sessions also on Saturdays without a price premium.

Your Investment: 1.108€ incl. 19% VAT 

(931€ net)

Saving 10%! Reached target more quickly? Partial refund!

Coaching in a professional context is tax deductible.

Individual Strengths Analysis

to explore your strengths & leverage your potential

Choose the Package 

1 x Gallup CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment (value of 65€)​ and 2,5 hours incl.​

  • Introduction into Strengths based Development

  • Analysis „My Strengths Profile“

  • Coaching „Identifying & leveraging my Potential“ 

  • Coaching „Applying my Strengths Goal oriented - Plan of Action“

In one or two sessions based on preference.

Sessions also on Saturdays without a price premium.

Your Investment: 465€ incl. 19% VAT 

(390€ net)

Saving 5%! 

Coaching in a professional context is tax deductible.

Premium Intensive Day

for more Clarity & as a key Step on your Path towards your Goal

Choose the Package 


  • 1 full workshop day with 6 hours of intensive coaching sessions (excl. 1 hour break times)

  • Plenty of space for you and your concern on your way towards your goal or desired change

  • The Premium Intensive Day is 100% individually tailored to your current challenge

Sessions also on Saturdays without a price premium.


Your Investment: 933€ incl. 19% VAT 

(784€ net)

Saving 8%! Reached target more quickly? Partial refund!

Coaching in a professional context is tax deductible.


Gina Friedrich - Career & Life Coach

I am Gina Friedrich,

and as a professional coach I support people who don’t want to leave their own path to coincidence (any longer) and would like to experience themselves as being authentic and impactful. I help provide clarity and structure – in doing so, my clients value my appreciative, positive and constructive style. This enables them to experience life with its many opportunities as an adventure on safe ground. 

I am happy to accompany you as a reflection and sparring partner, resource (re)activator, development or clarification helper, motivator, feedback provider and attentive listener – always with great curiosity, openness and respect.

My Background

I have more than 14 years of professional experience in marketing and project management as well as in leading positions in the media & international telecommunications industry and the educational foundation sector.​

During these years tackled new and instructive assign-ments at home and abroad repeatedly with joy, knowing the diverse challenges one is facing in everyday work – from a group corporation to a startup. I know that it gets difficult sometimes to steadily remain true to oneself, whilst still being able to change perspectives and actively bring about decisions. At the same time, I know how fulfilling it is to shape one's own path consciously and experience oneself as being impactful.

Coaching Setting

Coaching sessions currently only take place online via the data protection compliant CAI® platform or by telephone. 


What my Clients say



I’m excited to hear from you!

Gina Friedrich Individual & Team Coaching

+49 151 64 66 44 01​​​

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