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"Expert Interview" on Cover Story (GER)  · IMPULSE Magazine

"Nobody does what I want - are you often misunderstood when you delegate tasks to team members? It's up to you to avoid that." Classic communication mistakes, how you can avoid them and learn with the help of case studies.
Juli 2021

"Expert Interview" (GER) · WDR 1LIVE  Radio · Talk with colleagues

In conversation with Sabrina Szameitat about questions like: What is meant by “bore-out” and how is that expressed? What are the causes? What can those affected do, how can you protect yourself? What can managers / companies do to counteract a “bore-out” among employees?

April 2021

"Career Expert Question"(GER) · Magazine #START · Orange by Handelsblatt 

Interview (GER) · Handelsblatt Media Group Podcast "So klingt Wirtschaft"

Mut versus Zweifel – Wie Sie Entscheidungen leichter fällen

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Oktober 2020

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Podcast  · Make it YOUR Path 

Interviews with inspiring, successful as well as renown international personalities from the world of business, NGO and sports.  
July 2019 - February 2021 / By-weekly English episodes on Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn etc.