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Inspiration & Motivation for Career & Life 

You are a driven international professional or manager, have achieved quite a bit already, but are asking yourself from time to time:

What is MY path? What do I REALLY want? How do I want to LIVE & WORK?

Then this is your podcast!


I am Gina Friedrich, Career & Life Coach for people who want to actively shape their future.

With this podcast, I bring you interviews with inspiring, successful as well as renown international personalities from the world of business, NGO and sports.  



  • what the above questions mean to them,

  • how they handled obstacles in their lives,

  • how they make important decisions,

  • how they dealt with inner doubts & feelings of insecurity.

In short - how they shaped their journey to get where they are today. 
Let yourself be inspired on your very personal journey towards the future that you wish for.

You want to know more on how I can support you as a Coach on your own individual path?

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Episodes & Shownotes

Inspiration & motivation for Career & Life of people for whom professional development means more than leaps on the career ladder. (Podcast with English & German episodes in the mix.)

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