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Gina Friedrich | Your Business, Career & Life Coach in Düsseldorf.


Unlike career coaching, business coaching is about development goals and needs related to the current professional role. Contractors are mostly companies or organizations, which support their employees during this individual development process by investing in business coaching.

But also as private customers, people can get support in their role, in current job related challenges or in the phase of a professional reorientation through business coaching. At all stages of their professional lives and regardless of employment status, everyone can benefit from business coaching, managers, employees, self-employed people, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike.

This business related coaching process aims to support the client in such a way that he / she can live out and fulfill the own professional role and task in the company optimally - ideally also at the own strengths and individual goals.

The business coach supports his/her client:

  • to reflect on his/her own professional situation and role, to clarify it and set new priorities: "Who am I (in my role) and who do I want to be?"

  • to recognize and use his/her own strengths, abilities and goals in order to become authentically effective in a sustainable way- and thus successful - and to experience the own work as fulfilling

  • being in a (new) management position in developing more confidence and their individual style in this new role

  • prepare for the next career step or start into a new position

  • developing solutions to a current professional challenge

  • by being a reflection and sparring partner, clarification helper, motivator and feedback provider in professional change processes or phases of reorientation (see also Career Coaching)

In addition, it supports companies in:

  • in providing individual development opportunities to their employees and retain them for the long term

  • in offering their high potentials career paths within their company that fit to their strengths and individual goals

  • using human resources as useful and effectively as possible


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I am Gina Friedrich and as a professional coach I support people who don’t want to leave their own path to coincidence (any longer).


I help them explore their choices, make conscious decisions and shape their future proactively. 

I am Gina Friedrich and as a professional business coach I support you reflect on the status quo, explore your choices, make conscious decisions and shape your professional future proactively. 

Use the opportunity to book your free initial consultation to find out how I could support you as your coach in Düsseldorf & surroundings.

I'm looking forward to your e-mail or call on +49 151 64 66 44 01.

More informationen about me & my offers you'll find here: Career & Life Coaching | Business Coaching | Team Coaching

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