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Paths are made

by walking.

Franz Kafka


Gina Friedrich
  • Born in Hamburg in January 1983, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and wife, living in Düsseldorf together with my husband

  • Over 14 years of professional experience in the marketing field, in TV production and project management in the economic, industrial and educational foundation sector

  • Many years of leadership experience with small and large teams as well as in cross-functional and international program teams 

  • Broad international experience gained through working with a multinational company as well as through work assignments, studies and travel in many countries such as India, China, Japan, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, South Korea, Vanuatu, Canada, New Zealand, Australia...

  • Bachelor degree in International Business (B.A.) through studies in Cologne and Peking

  • Professionally trained & certified Systemic Coach (Coachingakademie Hamburg)

  • Professionally trained & certified Systemic Team Coach (Coachingakademie Hamburg)

  • Certified CliftonStrengths Coach (Gallup Institute, Berlin)

  • Associate Coach (DBVC) as a member of the German Coaching Association

  • Continuous professional development through constant supervision as well as specialization and in-depth trainings, workshops and seminars

  • Further full time apprenticeships & certifications: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) manager, PRINCE2 Practitioner certified project manager, "Fundraising in NGOs“ certificate (Business Coorporations & Online Campaigning), dual apprenticeship as "Management Assistant in Communication" at a broadcasting company (IHK/Chamber of Industry & Commerce)

  • Ventured and mastered various challenges myself, always consciously taking the next (and not always easy) step, which brought me closer and closer to my goal - like an inner "guiding thread": e.g. I lived, worked (Japan & India) and studied (China) in Asia, got from my job back to “classroom”, helped to set up a startup, pursued my job & studied in a foreign language (English), founded & managed a non-profit association for over 10 years as the CEO, traveled around the world for one year, got to build up my own nation-wide team, turned my passion into a career and took the leap into professional self-employment.

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